About Us

Our History

Mel and Bobette have farmed in the Hebron area since 1965. Along with field corn and soybeans, they grew sweet corn and peas for a local canning company. They also grew specialty crops such as gourds and Indian corn for the South Water Market in Chicago.

Mel was awarded the Prairie Farmer Magazine Master Farmer of 2012. Quite an honor to be one of four Master Farmers in the state of Illinois.

Mel and Bobette have two children. Mike and his wife, Tracie and their three boys, Quentin, Xander, and Valen, and daughter Neysa are partners in the farm/market operation. Michelle is a pediatrics nurse. Michelle has a daughter Sayla, 4, and a son Brennan 1, was born. Grandma and Papa are happy to have all six grandchildren close to them.

Birth of a Market

The birth of our present day vegetable market came when then nine year old Mike wanted to grow and sell pumpkins. It started on a hay wagon in the yard, then moved to the old milk house. Each year more vegetables were added and it grew into the retail/wholesale, (July though October), market of today, selling everything from apples to zucchini. Our bi-colored sweet corn, picked every morning for maximum freshness, and Mel’s famous muskmelons, sweetest around, are our specialties. And, yes, it is true that Mel and Mike try to have sweet corn through October, weather permitting. (In 2010 we did have sweet corn and tomatoes almost through October!)

Video courtesy Woodstock Farmer’s Market

Our Events and Programs

Sunflower Festival

Visit Von Bergen’s Country Market’s Annual Sunflower Festival with over 30 acres of sunshine.

Enjoy the day with your friends and family…making memories the old fashion way! Stroll through the beautiful sunflowers, take pictures, enjoy and breathe in the fresh country air.

Farmer's Market

Tracie manages the booth at the Woodstock Farmer’s Market on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s. This past year we grew greens and plants to sell early at the Farmers Market.

Mel and Mike are the true “farmers”; planting, spraying, cultivating and harvesting the vegetable crops. They continue to improve our growing power. Our early sweet corn is grown on plastic which ripens a week to 10 days earlier than the conventional planting.

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